Yearly Archives: 2012

28 11, 2012

Setting the pins in a custom chef knife.

Setting the pins in a Water Buffalo Horn handled knife today. This is one of the most difficult processes. Everything has to fit perfectly. You also have to do this very quickly since the epoxy begins to set immediately. Not to mention keeping epoxy off the knife blade itself. Lots of clamps ensure a [...]

17 11, 2012

Tempering custom chef knives.

I went to New Braunfels, TX yesterday to temper knives for two customers. These are 3 knives cut from the same sheet of 440c steel. One is a Santoku and the other are traditional chef knives. The extra is in case one of the knives gets ruined during any part of the long process of [...]

29 10, 2012

Horns sent in.

A customer sent in his own horns for me to make his custom knife handle with. Great idea. I think I'll be able to use the large portion for theĀ  handles for a full chef knife and a paring knife. I'll post the finished product.

21 10, 2012

Working on two new knives.

Working on a Santoku kitchen knife with a giraffe bone handle and a German cut kitchen knife with a camel bone handle.