Yearly Archives: 2013

31 12, 2013

New 13 inch custom / hand made chef knife.

A  new knife from my bench here in Austin, TX. This was a very custom build for local chef Jack Allen. The handle of the knife was formed after taking a clay mold of Jack's hand and building it to suit. The custom chef knife is over 13 inches long and made from 440c stainless [...]

14 12, 2013

Weige Knives hats? Yes!

The good people at Austin Screen Printing did a test run of a dozen hats for me. While they are a bit expensive I'm going to give some out to my family over the holidays. Really, I just think they're cool.

11 12, 2013

Applying this to knife making.

Robert Pollard, the singer and songwriter behind the band Guided by Voices did an interview in Esquire recently. Here's a quote from him on song writing, but I think it could be applied to anything. Including knifemaking: ESQ: What'd you learn about songwriting or life from making Blazing Gentlemen? RP: That one should always be [...]

1 12, 2013

Another custom 13″ chef knife from Austin, TX.

Another handmade 13" custom chef knife from Weige Knives in Austin, TX. I continue to get more and more orders for large chef knives. The larger the knife the trickier it is. There's just more surface to cover, more scratches to chase and more room for tiny mistakes to show. It's a challenge I enjoy. [...]

18 11, 2013

11 inch custom boning knife complete.

Another knife complete in the Austin, TX shop. This time around I've finished a custom made 11 inch boning knife for a chef in Virginia. The steel is 440c and the handle is exhibition grade, Central American Bocote wood with an orange G10 stripe and handmade mosaic pins.

6 10, 2013

The custom boning knife.

A chef in Virginia has commissioned me to make him a custom boning knife. So i made a prototype (far right) and took it my friends at Salt & Time, the local butcher shop and used it during one of their knife cutting classes. After a great deal of talk with their butcher I reworked [...]

14 09, 2013

I also sharpen knives.

I recently built a custom kitchen knife for a guy in Austin, Texas and he brought a friend along with him when he came to pick it his chef knife. The friend asked me if I sharpen knives and I told him I do so he while his wife was out of town he brought [...]

23 07, 2013

14 inch chef knife completed.

This is the 2nd 14 inch chef knife I've completed and I'm almost glad I haven't had too many requests for them. They're really difficult to make. It's hard to get a really nice, consistent grind all the way across BOTH sides without having to live with a few scratches here and there. Recently I [...]

9 06, 2013

Restoring a 15 year old Santoku.

I was over at a friend's house and we started talking about knives. He pulled out the Santoku that he received as a wedding gift 15 years ago and the blade was dull, knicked and it looked terrible. The black pakka wood had lost its shine so I took it home and cleaned it up. [...]

7 06, 2013

5th year anniversary gift.

There is a symbol or element for every year of a wedding anniversary. After 5 years of marriage you graduate to wood. A carpenter I know asked me to build his wife a knife from a chunk of Honduran Rosewood that he created his wife's temporary ring from while they backpacking through Patagonia. He said [...]