Monthly Archives: November 2014

19 11, 2014

LiveIntent at Weige Knives in Austin, TX

LiveIntent visited Weige Knives in Austin, TX yesterday as we're making them a custom kitchen knife. Not sure what they'll do with the knife. Frame it, use in the NYC office or give it to one of the Execs. The knife is in their orange and blue colors and we're even putting the LiveIntent logo [...]

18 11, 2014

Weige Knives hats at Metier

Metier on South 1st carries a few cool clothing items and a lot of great stuff for home and professional cooks. They carry hats from local farms, shoes by Mozo and even hats from Weige Knives. It's cool to see our gear in local stores around the Austin area. We are now selling out hats [...]

16 11, 2014

Weige Knives and Jack Allen Gilmore

Jack Allen was one of the first chef's in Austin to find Weige Knives and inquire about having a custom chef knife made by a local Austin maker instead of someone else. He recently picked up his second knife to match his original, custom chef knife. This one is a 7 inch paring in stabilized, [...]

14 11, 2014

Weige Knives on Fox 7 Good Day Austin

Being a knife maker in Austin, TX has its benefits, sometimes. Our good friends at Metier Cook Supply were featured on Fox 7 News and gave us an awesome plug. They even showed a couple of our knives. Metier did us a solid on this one and have been a great partner in Austin for Weige Knives. Check the link below. At about 1:20 you’ll see our knives. Sustainable Food Center: Metier – | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports. Continue reading “Weige Knives on Fox 7 Good Day Austin” »

7 11, 2014

3 custom made hunting knives.

I'm lucky to work with such a great photographer. Jesus Hidalgo Photography has been taking photos of my knives since we've met and below are 3 examples of some of our latest, collective, work. I've been contracted to build 5 hunting knives here in Austin, TX for another Austin company called Victory Wolf and here [...]

4 11, 2014

One in the oven.

Yes, I use our home oven to soak knives. It makes the house smell like fresh peanuts if the steel has to be quenched as I use peanut oil. My wife doesn't seem to mind and our oven keeps a steady heat required for the soak.

1 11, 2014

2 new paring knives.

We finished up a couple paring knives for Chef Jack Allen and his head chef Chris Teneyck. I love the different styles of these two paring knives. Both knives are approximately 7.5 inches long and the top knife is done is stabilized, spaulted Texas pecan wood. The bottom knife is done in green, curly maple. [...]