Yearly Archives: 2014

14 11, 2014

Weige Knives on Fox 7 Good Day Austin

Being a knife maker in Austin, TX has its benefits, sometimes. Our good friends at Metier Cook Supply were featured on Fox 7 News and gave us an awesome plug. They even showed a couple of our knives. Metier did us a solid on this one and have been a great partner in Austin for Weige Knives. Check the link below. At about 1:20 you’ll see our knives. Sustainable Food Center: Metier – | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports. Continue reading “Weige Knives on Fox 7 Good Day Austin” »

7 11, 2014

3 custom made hunting knives.

I'm lucky to work with such a great photographer. Jesus Hidalgo Photography has been taking photos of my knives since we've met and below are 3 examples of some of our latest, collective, work. I've been contracted to build 5 hunting knives here in Austin, TX for another Austin company called Victory Wolf and here [...]

4 11, 2014

One in the oven.

Yes, I use our home oven to soak knives. It makes the house smell like fresh peanuts if the steel has to be quenched as I use peanut oil. My wife doesn't seem to mind and our oven keeps a steady heat required for the soak.

1 11, 2014

2 new paring knives.

We finished up a couple paring knives for Chef Jack Allen and his head chef Chris Teneyck. I love the different styles of these two paring knives. Both knives are approximately 7.5 inches long and the top knife is done is stabilized, spaulted Texas pecan wood. The bottom knife is done in green, curly maple. [...]

26 10, 2014

Crazy lady at Trade Days

I love going to flea markets. Especially to First Monday in Canton, TX where you can find all sorts of great old stuff. I'm always on the look out for old knives to refurbish and resell or give as gifts. I really like the old Dexters, ForgeCrafts and Sabatiers, but they are becoming harder and [...]

23 10, 2014

Custom 12 inch meat cleaver in 440c.

We finished up a 12 inch custom cleaver for a customer this week. This is done in 440c with a stabilized Texas Mesquite handle. This is our first cleaver, but it looks like we're going to be making more as interest has taken off since we posted this on our FB page. Also, we're loving [...]

3 10, 2014

Finished up my bladesmithing class.

I've returned from Washington, Arkansas after completing the Intro to Bladesmithing course. I plan on taking the Damascus class and the Handle & Guards class at some point, but I don't have the time right now. Too many knives to make and too much to do around the house. The course was heavily focused on [...]

16 09, 2014

Bocote handled Forgecraft High Carbon knives.

We rehandled these nice Forgecraft knives with Bocote wood and sold them as a pair. These are great knives if you can find them. These turned out really nice.

11 09, 2014

Rehandled another Forgecraft.

Lots of rehandling work lately. We cleaned up this antique Forgecraft chef knife and put on a beautiful green Hawaiian Mango wood handle. These sharpen up well and it really turned out to be a beautiful knife. The stainless steel pins give it a really clean look as well.

5 09, 2014

Pair of knives in Texas Mesquite wood.

The M├ętier Cook's Supply chef and slicing set is complete. 16 inch slicer in 440c w/ stainless bolsters and pins on stabilized Texas Mesquite. The chef comes in at 13 inches in matching materials. Co-branded with the Metier logo on one side and mine on the other of each knife. Some of my finest work [...]