Yearly Archives: 2014

2 06, 2014

New hats on the way!

Because the initial run went to quickly and there were more requests for them I'm having a 2nd round of Weige Knives hats made. They should be finished this week and I'll put them up for sale on the website.

1 06, 2014

Handle materials for your custom knife.

When people arrive at my shop they get to choose from close to 100 different types of handle materials. If they don't see something they like then I order it. On Saturday I had 6 people come by starting at 9am. I laid out my handle materials so they could simply walk over and choose [...]

16 05, 2014

Rehandled a Forgecraft Butchers Knife. Black palm wood.

I found this old Forgecraft butchers knife at a thrift store and decided to show a friend of mine how to do handle work by having him replace the handle with something nicer. Forgecraft knives were made by Washington Forge and are American made from what most people believe to be 1095. Of course 1095 [...]

15 05, 2014

Reliable Knife and Weige Knives partner up.

The owner of reached out and was kind enough to compliment my work. They even went so far as to link my knife website on their resource page. So I wanted to return the favor by giving them a shout out here. Reliable Knife is a website aimed at bringing newbie and veteran knife [...]

17 04, 2014

The Austin Chronicle puts Weige Knives on the cover.

The Austin Chronicle not only did a story on Weige Knives, but they put me on the freakin' cover! I'm super excited and honored to grace the pages of such an awesome publication. I've been a reader of the Chronicle for over a decade. I imagine this is certainly going to do a lot of [...]

2 04, 2014

Hunting knife with leather sheath.

It didn't seem right to me to send off this hunting knife wo/ a leather sheath so I taught myself to make leather sheaths. While this one isn't the most beautiful sheath I've ever seen, I like the rustic look of it. It also works and is solid. I don't want to get into a [...]

27 03, 2014

Custom drop point skinner.

I was reluctant, but after a great deal of demand I've built my first hunting knife. I really like this knife and 4 are more right behind it, when I get time. It's an experiment in custom hunting knives! Anyhow, all 4 have been profiled and most are ready for the kiln. This and the [...]

28 02, 2014

New handle material for custom chef knives.

I love getting in new orders of handle materials. When clients come by the shop I break out what I have on hand and let them select their specific handle materials. They actually see what will go onto their knife. I got a new order in which is mostly different types of horn and some [...]

8 02, 2014

New custom chef knife in rosewood finished in Austin, TX.

Fresh off the bench in my Austin, TX knife shop. I finished this 13 inch custom made chef knife today. The steel is 440c stainless with a Honduran Rosewood handle. The mosaic pins are handmade by Sally Martin. Great knife and super sharp. The handle was custom built for the wife per the husband's requests.

21 01, 2014

Custom pair of handmade knives.

I finished a pair of custom knives for some local Austin residents. I've never made a matching pair of custom knives before so I was looking forward to this project. Both knives are roughly 11 inches long and as you can see one is a Santoku and one is a traditional chef knife. The wood [...]