Monthly Archives: March 2015

30 03, 2015

Custom made Japanese Nakiri in Peach wood.

We finished a very unique custom made, custom grip Japanese Nakiri knife in 440c. The handle is stabilized, peach wood and we used green, handmade mosaic pins to give it contrast. Great choice by the customer. Thanks to Dirk for the design contribution. If you've never used one of these to cut vegetables they are [...]

28 03, 2015

13 inch French style chef.

Our love for the old Forgecraft knives runs deep. We built 13 inch French style chef in 440c as a bit of tribute the increasingly rare chef knife that came with the old Forgecraft sets. The chef knife was the most used knife from that set so they are either in disrepair or gone complete. [...]

25 03, 2015

Custom chef knife in persimmon wood.

We finished a 13 inch overall length chef knife for famed chef, Chad Sarno. Chad runs the popular Rouxbe Cooking school and was formerly the personal chef for Woody Harrelson. We built a custom chef knife to fit his particular grip in 440c stainless steel with a brown, Texas persimmon wood handle and wolf grey [...]

23 03, 2015

Custom camp knife prototype in maple.

I'd been wanting to use this camp knife prototype for quite some time and spending a week in the Palo Duro Canyon allowed me to test it out. This is an 11.5" overall length knife that I used to chop wood, cut rope and vegetables and make quick work of steak and sausage. It performed [...]

14 03, 2015

Photo shoot w/ Alta Real.

We have a few things coming up this spring that we were asked to provide a "head shot" for and well, we don't really have things like that. The last time someone took a photo of us was in April of last year and we've gotten older and have grown more facial hair. Or at [...]

7 03, 2015

Jesse Herman and Weige Knives.

I love having creative people in the shop and Jesse Herman is a well known Austinite with lots of vision. He behind the Austin Food and Wine Festival, Sway, La Condesa, Violet Crowne Theater and the new South Congress Hotel. He was in the shop last week going over some details on the personal knife [...]

6 03, 2015

Utility knives in Osage Orange wood.

Finished a pair of custom utility knives this week. 10 inches overall. 5 inch blade with a 5 inch handle in Osage Orange wood. Osage wood is super hard and is the hardest wood native to the United States. The Osage indians used to make their bows out of it. Anyhow, the bolster on this [...]

5 03, 2015

Mammoth Teeth for knife handles.

I made a trip to Houston recently to visit my brother and had the chance to stop by the brick and mortar store of Texas Knife Supply. I found a really nice cut of mammoth tooth that I'm waiting to use on a really special knife. While some knife makers use bones and horns from [...]