Monthly Archives: August 2015

28 08, 2015

Large custom chef knife finished.

We finished this monster of a custom chef knife week. 15" overall w/ a 10 inch blade and 5 inch handle. Perfectly balanced on a stabilized Texas pecan wood handle w/ solid copper pins and copper liners. Lighter than it looks.

25 08, 2015

A new custom chef knife in oak burl.

We've had this very strange cut of oak burl laying around for awhile so when Dirk was looking for handle material to put on an inventory knife he selected it. He also chose to put a solid brass liner on the knife. Using any type of metal for a liner adds a number of complications [...]

20 08, 2015

The watermelon knife.

We built a concept knife of sorts. Something that combined art and functionality to create a specific type of knife that resembled it's intended purpose. Thus, the watermelon knife was born. the idea was conceived when I was cutting a watermelon with a small knife. At my house we go through a watermelon a week [...]

16 08, 2015

Interview w/ the Sustainable Food Center.

We're happy that we are apart of the Sustainable Food Center's knife skills program. They teach a variety of classes including bee keeping, gardening, cooking and have been doing so for 40 years now. They are a great local resource and we recently did an interview with them for their monthly newsletter. We'll be at [...]

14 08, 2015

French cut custom chef knife for a friend of ours.

We finished a 14.5" inch french chef knife w/ 9.5" blade for our friend Eric Leverson who is a chef in Bellingham, WA. Dymonwood handle w/ handmade red mosaic pins. Since the dymonwood factory burned down in Indiana this handle material is increasingly hard, if not impossible to get. Luckily we ordered a few different [...]

12 08, 2015

New custom chef knife in damascus.

Fresh off the bench this morning. 13" overall custom chef knife in handmade Devin Thomas damascus in a twist pattern. Devin Thomas is widely known as the best damascus maker in the United States. The 5" handle is stabilized, spalted Texas pecan w/ a red linen bolster. Red, white and black liners w/ handmade mosaic [...]