Took a small sheet of steel and cut out some conceptional ideas.

Top knife:

This one is a take on the typical Santoku with a high rise handle to provide an aggressive angle when cutting things. I know it looks rigid, but it feels nice in the hand and may soon include a few contours.

The 2nd is a chef’s knife with a steep curve that feels really nice in the hand. I love the look and way it moves across a cutting board. I’m definitely going to improve on this design.

The last one is a mix between a meat cleaver and a Japanese Nakiri knife.  I wanted to make a traditional Nakiri knife, a knife that is traditionally used for cutting vegetables, but it’s really hard to pull off such a primitive design. I have to do several more of these types of knives to make it work, but I’m happy about the odd way this one turned out.

None of them are finished, but all of them have been fun to make.