Knife restoration and repair in Austin, Texas.

While we spend most of our time making custom kitchen knives we also do rehandling and repair work on chef knives and fixed blade hunting knives. We do not rehandle pocket knives at this time. We’ve done countless rehandles on kitchen and hunting knives though and are proud of our work. We fix broken tips, chips in the blade and whatever else goes wrong w/ knives in Austin, TX and in Belton, TX. We only repair and restore FULL tang knives though. The cheap hidden tang knives aren’t worth the trouble. We also do heirloom restoration and have done many WW1 and WW2 knives, bayonets and more. We did two knives recently. One for a customer in San Diego, CA and another in Pennsylvania. They both chose the same type of handle materials, but the chef knife required a hexagon shaped handle. We’d never done one before so it took some time and enjoyed the challenge. See the before and after below: