I don’t think there is anything more disappointing than going to a nice restaurant, ordering a $50 dollar steak and them handing you a serrated knife. They bring out a delicious, perfectly cooked steak and then you have to butcher and saw at it with a cheap, Made In China, piece of crap steak knife. Perry’s Steakhouse, I’m looking at you. Locally, The Gin has trash for steak knives. Very simply put, serrations DO NOT BELONG ON STEAK KNIVES. You should be able to cut cleanly and smoothly through a steak. Serrations saw and tear the meat making for a coarse and ragged bite. Therefore we offer all steak knives without serrations. The steak knives in the photo are our Barley Swine model. Let us know if you’d like a set so you can quit eating your steak like a cave man.