Product Description

This one of a kind, functioning work of art, has a 6″ blade in S35VN American made stainless steel. S35VN is a high carbon steel (1.55) and is classified as an American super steel designed for high end cutlery. The total length of the knife is 10.5″ making it a versatile indoor / outdoor tool that can do just about anything. The handle is done in stabilized Russian olive burl wood with turquoise cast in clear alumilite. Behind the turquoise is a strip of desert tan G10. This is no ordinary turquoise though. This turquoise is *Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Globe, AZ. The pins are solid 416 stainless steel. Comes in an American made cloth zip case. Free shipping.

*Sleeping Beauty turquoise is one of the most recognizable types of turquoise in the world and has practically become synonymous with the word turquoise. The rich, sky blue color and the lack of heavy matrix has made it famous all over the world, rivaling even the robin’s egg clear blue Persian turquoise so coveted by collectors. It forms in nuggets with a soft white matrix, occasionally with small amounts of quartz or pyrite. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is renown as some of, if not THE Earth’s finest turquoise.

Increased government regulations and mining costs led to the mine’s closure in 2012. Since then, the price for Sleeping Beauty turquoise has risen significantly.