I found this old Forgecraft butchers knife at a thrift store and decided to show a friend of mine how to do handle work by having him replace the handle with something nicer.

Forgecraft knives were made by Washington Forge and are American made from what most people believe to be 1095. Of course 1095 rusts and patinas very quick so there’s that to think about. Forgecraft discontinued this line of knives around 1968, but it’s rumored there was a surplus of old stock in warehouses and restaurant supply places and the knives were still being sold throughout the 80’s. I’ve heard you can tell there age by very slight changes in the Forgecraft Hi Carbon stamp, but I’m not an expert on these knives.

Anyhow, we decided to put some nice palm wood with mosaic pins on this one and keep the original shape of the handle. I think it turned out nicely: