I finished my first Santoku blade today for a customer who plans to give this as a Christmas gift. This was a challenge not only due to the shape, but because the handle is made from giraffe bone. The bone is imported from South Africa and is expensive so I had to make sure I didn’t screw it up. I used 440c stainless steel with a giraffe yellow vulcanized fiber layer between the steel and the giraffe bone handle. I used hand made black and brass mosaic pins to offset the cinnamon color of the giraffe bone and gave the steel a perfect brushed finish. Shaping the handle into a traditional Santoku style of fixed width / tapered shape with slight finger notches was trickier than it looks. I spent 2 days on the handle alone. It’s finished though and this knife is razor sharp. Easily the finest knife I’ve ever made and one of the first that I engraved my name into.