Around the shop

/Around the shop

Photos taken around the shop.

25 04, 2015

Custom spatulas and spoons in Austin, TX.

We decided to make a few spatulas since people have requested them. We don't advertise them and simply sell them to people who come by the shop. These are made from mahogany. I use one for cooking and they work great. Contact us if you'd like us to make you one. [email protected]

8 12, 2014

Grinding knives in the Texas winter.

This is what I look like when I grind. Or when I do heavy grinding. I think the guys at the ABS school were surprised to see me in so much gear, but I don't care. I wear a full shield / mask, headphones and a serious dust mask. No reason to die young from [...]

28 02, 2014

New handle material for custom chef knives.

I love getting in new orders of handle materials. When clients come by the shop I break out what I have on hand and let them select their specific handle materials. They actually see what will go onto their knife. I got a new order in which is mostly different types of horn and some [...]