Finished knives.

/Finished knives.
22 11, 2015

Custom utility / chef knife in tamarind.

We finished a custom utility knife / small chef this week. The handle is stabilized tamarind wood w/ dove tailed, lychee wood bolsters. Black liner and copper mosaic pins. 6" 440c blade, 11" overall length. The small utility knives are very handy and could be one of the 3 main knives you keep in the [...]

12 11, 2015

Custom meat cleaver in Texas Oak.

We finished a nice cleaver this morning. Stabilized, Texas Oak handle w/ red, white and blue liner. Brass pins. Heavy duty. 7" blade and 12" overall. We love making custom cleavers w/ Texas materials.  

10 11, 2015

Our first custom oyster shucker.

These things are difficult to build. I actually copied the design from an existing oyster knife and finally, on my 3rd try it came out right. I built this for an old high school pal of mine who wanted to give this knife as a gift to his brother-in-law. It needed to be in Colorado [...]

8 11, 2015

Set of custom paring knives.

We finished up a set of custom paring knives this week here in Central Texas. These will be part of the inventory we sell before the holidays and if you'd like a chance to buy them then follow us on Facebook. We'll post a note when everything goes up for sale on the Weige Knives [...]

5 11, 2015

Custom survival knife complete.

Finished a very custom survival knife for an investigator here in Austin, TX. He brought me a photo of a knife he liked and I built one like it. The curved blade was a challenge. 8" blade in 154cm, 13" overall. Handle is black resin infused aluminum honeycomb (AKA C-Tek) w/ a red liner and [...]

21 10, 2015

The toucan knife.

We built a custom santoku knife that resembles a toucan. It was purposeful. I had the idea for some time and it turned out pretty well except for the pin alignment. I did this project to prepare for an upcoming job that is similar. It's good to practice before working on paid jobs. Not sure [...]

28 09, 2015

Turquoise composite knife handle.

We built a knife with a new material last week that was a great deal of trouble, but it turned out nicely. We built a traditional custom chef knife that measure 12" overall with a 7.5" blade. The handle is African blackwood w/ a turquoise bolster. The white and black striped bolster is made from [...]

28 08, 2015

Large custom chef knife finished.

We finished this monster of a custom chef knife week. 15" overall w/ a 10 inch blade and 5 inch handle. Perfectly balanced on a stabilized Texas pecan wood handle w/ solid copper pins and copper liners. Lighter than it looks.

25 08, 2015

A new custom chef knife in oak burl.

We've had this very strange cut of oak burl laying around for awhile so when Dirk was looking for handle material to put on an inventory knife he selected it. He also chose to put a solid brass liner on the knife. Using any type of metal for a liner adds a number of complications [...]

20 08, 2015

The watermelon knife.

We built a concept knife of sorts. Something that combined art and functionality to create a specific type of knife that resembled it's intended purpose. Thus, the watermelon knife was born. the idea was conceived when I was cutting a watermelon with a small knife. At my house we go through a watermelon a week [...]