Finished knives.

/Finished knives.
14 08, 2015

French cut custom chef knife for a friend of ours.

We finished a 14.5" inch french chef knife w/ 9.5" blade for our friend Eric Leverson who is a chef in Bellingham, WA. Dymonwood handle w/ handmade red mosaic pins. Since the dymonwood factory burned down in Indiana this handle material is increasingly hard, if not impossible to get. Luckily we ordered a few different [...]

12 08, 2015

New custom chef knife in damascus.

Fresh off the bench this morning. 13" overall custom chef knife in handmade Devin Thomas damascus in a twist pattern. Devin Thomas is widely known as the best damascus maker in the United States. The 5" handle is stabilized, spalted Texas pecan w/ a red linen bolster. Red, white and black liners w/ handmade mosaic [...]

11 07, 2015

Rehandled meat cleaver.

We put a new box elder handle on this monster of a meat cleaver. This thing weighs about 3 pounds. It's an antique Italian made Maturi Bros. and we sold and shipped it to an Italian fellow in Florida. I hope he puts it to good use!

2 06, 2015

Another custom smaller chef knife.

We've been working on our smaller custom knives still and completed a 10.25" overall w/ a 5.5" blade. The photo isn't so great on this, but it's got a desert ironwood handle w/ a bone linen bolster. It has red, blue and tan liners w/ a solid brass pins and in the center is a [...]

1 06, 2015

We’re donating a knife to Live Ordinary Well.

Matthew from Live Ordinary Well reached out to us some time ago about a possible donation for their epic journey and asked us to sponsor them. They requested a knife to take along on their journey: The city has taken a toll on us and after much advice and coaching we are taking our family [...]

29 05, 2015

Custom knife experiment turned out well.

We finished a smaller knife today. 10" overall w/ a 5.5" blade in 440c. Handle is Texas Pecan and Brazilian Purpleheart with a black and white liner. Pins are handmade mosaics. Super fast knife! Dirk designed the blade and I designed the handle material. The handle material was actually supposed to go on a different [...]

18 05, 2015

New buffalo horn knife complete.

We finished up a beautiful custom chef knife in 440c stainless steel w/ a water buffalo horn handle, orange liners and pins for blogger / cook book author Melissa Joulwan. I love the way this horn turned out with the honey streaks and awesome orange contrast. Also, Melissa has a great paleo cookbook out called [...]

7 05, 2015

Custom filet knife complete.

An old friend of mine from Mabank, TX who I used to play baseball with in highschool asked me to make him a custom filet knife named Steve Browning. He's an avid fisherman and duck hunter so he wanted the knife to be dual purpose. This meant a truly custom blade with just enough flex, [...]

2 05, 2015

Super swirly custom chef in G10.

I'm always hesitant to use G10 but I took a chance on this one and it came out really cool. This is black and green layered G10 and I put it on a fish tailed custom chef knife that came in around 12 inches overall. Roughly an 8.5 inch blade. We commissioned Metier to sell [...]

30 04, 2015

Another big, custom knife complete.

We're loving this french style, custom knife and have made a few of them. They sell really fast. The last two have sold in less than 2 hours. We're keeping this one to ourselves so we have something to show as an example to customers. This is a 14.25 inch overall and 9.5 inch blade [...]