Things that inspire us.

10 11, 2015

Short book review of Knifemaking with Bob Loveless

A short review of the book Knifemaking with Bob Loveless by Durwood Hollis Review by Travis Weige I think it would be difficult to find a knife maker, knife collector or anyone who is interested in knives (especially custom hunting knives) that hasn't heard of Bob Loveless. If you find a knife maker who hasn't [...]

5 03, 2015

Mammoth Teeth for knife handles.

I made a trip to Houston recently to visit my brother and had the chance to stop by the brick and mortar store of Texas Knife Supply. I found a really nice cut of mammoth tooth that I'm waiting to use on a really special knife. While some knife makers use bones and horns from [...]

3 12, 2014

50 year old pear wood for knife making now.

A 50 year old pear tree in our backyard was slowly dying and more than one arborist told us we should take it down for safety reasons. So when we decided to build our back porch and fire pit we designed it so we wouldn't have to take down any trees other than this pear. [...]

27 08, 2014

MF Idea Lab – Idea + Action + Craft to Feature Weige Knives

I'll be a featured speaker at the MF Idea Lab event this week. I'm going to do a short presentation in the "Ted Talk" fashion about how I took the idea for a knife company as a hobby and turned it into a small business. Admission is open to all.

22 07, 2014

Super fancy hacksaw.

I saw this super fancy hacksaw recently and thought, "What the hell?" I don't know why you'd need a super fancy hacksaw, but who cares, this thing is awesome. I love it when people take mundane objects and make them into really interesting, functional works of art. I have no idea how this person did [...]

11 12, 2013

Applying this to knife making.

Robert Pollard, the singer and songwriter behind the band Guided by Voices did an interview in Esquire recently. Here's a quote from him on song writing, but I think it could be applied to anything. Including knifemaking: ESQ: What'd you learn about songwriting or life from making Blazing Gentlemen? RP: That one should always be [...]