28 03, 2015

13 inch French style chef.

Our love for the old Forgecraft knives runs deep. We built 13 inch French style chef in 440c as a bit of tribute the increasingly rare chef knife that came with the old Forgecraft sets. The chef knife was the most used knife from that set so they are either in disrepair or gone complete. [...]

15 07, 2014

Weige Knives and Victory Wolf team up

Very exciting news! We've partnered up with Victory Wolf to create an exclusive, short run of hunting knives for Victory Wolf! This will be a limited edition of 5 knives made from 154cm with various handle materials. Here is the official press release from Victory Wolf: Travis Weige, Austin’s youngest knife craftsman , has an [...]

29 12, 2012

Custom Rosewood chef knife.

Finished an all natural rosewood handled chef knife today with a turquoise stripe between the steel and the wood to give it a nice contrast. Rosewood is hard wood that is naturally oily and dense to repel water in the kitchen making it a great choice for kitchen knives. The pins are black and brass [...]

17 12, 2012

New custom knife designs.

Took a small sheet of steel and cut out some conceptional ideas. Top knife: This one is a take on the typical Santoku with a high rise handle to provide an aggressive angle when cutting things. I know it looks rigid, but it feels nice in the hand and may soon include a few contours. [...]