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8 05, 2015

Weige Knives on Hilah Cooking

I mentioned it before, but here's the actual video from our webisode with Hilah Cooking. We shot a ton of video and I'm happy that Chris (Hilah's co-worker and partner) edited it down to 8 minutes. Check out the video that already has over 7,500 views in less than a week!

13 04, 2015

Weige Knives on Hilah Cooking

We filmed an episode w/ the infamous Hilah Johnson and her partner Christopher Sharpe of Hilah Cooking this week and were very excited to do so. Hilah is extremely witty and entertaining so her unique brand of cooking has inspired countless people to well... cook and her fans have followed. We filmed the episode in [...]

7 01, 2015

Interesting video about carbon chef knives.

Some interesting info here. They only test factory made knives and it makes sense the $300 knife performed best overall. I wish someone would do a test with custom chef knives.

21 10, 2012

Working on two new knives.

Working on a Santoku kitchen knife with a giraffe bone handle and a German cut kitchen knife with a camel bone handle.