weigeknivesgarden&gunWe’re excited and honored to be in this month’s issue of Garden & Gun magazine. You can find it most grocery stores like Central Market, Whole Foods and the like. Here’s more about the magazine:

Garden & Gun Magazine is a lifestyle brand anchored by its award-winning national magazine, Garden & Gun that covers the best of the South, including the sporting culture, the food, the music, the art, the literature, the people and their ideas. With a national audience of more than one million passionate and engaged readers, the magazine has won numerous awards for its journalism, design, and overall excellence. The publication was launched in the Spring of 2007. The company and editorial team are headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina.

So we fit in very well. While our blurb was small we’re appreciative. Here’s what they had to say:

Every workplace needs a workhorse – and in the kitchen it’s a good knife. Self-taught Austin, Texas, artisan Travis Weige of weige Knives takes that hardworking concept to heart in crafting blades. To ensure the ultimate degree of customization, Weige sends soft clay templates of his knife handles to clients before he begins carving.

And to clarify this a bit. What they are talking about is when a customer decides they want the handle of the knife to fit perfectly to their particular grip I send a chunk of clay via snail mail to them. They imprint and send it back. The amount of clay I send is shaped into a basic knife handle and the customer follows the included instructions to imprint their unique holding method. Everyone holds the knife a certain way and I’ve found out there are maybe a handful of ways someone will hold a knife. Now and again I’m thrown for a loop with a very unique grip, but typically it’s one of 5 ways. Overall, this allows me to build the knife to fit the customer exactly. Each time they pick it up it fits them like a glove. Professional chefs love it. It’s an extra step in customization that no other knife maker does.

Since we’ve started our complete customization of the chef knife we’ve seen copycats crop up and existing knife companies start to do what we’re doing. We’re excited about that. It provides more input and experience to the consumer. We set out to disrupt the dormant market of custom chef knives by taking it to another level and being in magazines like G&G is proof that it’s working.