Very exciting news! We’ve partnered up with Victory Wolf to create an exclusive, short run of hunting knives for Victory Wolf! This will be a limited edition of 5 knives made from 154cm with various handle materials. Here is the official press release from Victory Wolf:

Travis Weige, Austin’s youngest knife craftsman , has an order list that’s a year long for his custom-designed, handcrafted knives. What started as a hobby in his garage, gifts for his mother and mother-in-law, infected his friends and started selling. Weige Knives are intended for hunting, the kitchen, and daily use, to be a part of their owner’s life, not stored or displayed. His knives are the epitome of custom – the customer chooses the wood, the steel, the shape, and the purpose before Travis takes a mold of their hand so that the knife fits perfectly. The attention to detail for both the customer’s desires as well as the care in production provide a high quality knife worth about a grand; however, Travis has chosen to start his prices off lower to reach a wider audience. You can find a Weige Knife in a home or a restaurant: Jack Gilmore, head chef and owner of the famous Jack Allen’s Kitchen, has a custom Weige Knife, as does Chef Andy “Dizzle” Philips of Searsucker.

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