I love getting in new orders of handle materials. When clients come by the shop I break out what I have on hand and let them select their specific handle materials. They actually see what will go onto their knife. I got a new order in which is mostly different types of horn and some polyester pearl / abalone type material that shines up amazingly well. It’s also durable.

Take a look below and going left to right here’s what you’re looking at:

Polyester Pearl – Feathered Macaw in Green, Blue and Yellow, Polyester Pearl – Star Spangled Banner Scales, Impala Jigged Bone Scales (for a small knife), Red Water Buffalo Horn, and then Imistag Bone for the last two on the right.

handle material

While it’s not the best photo (taken with my phone) you get the idea. I hope to have this material on some custom chef knives and the future and post them here.