Getting Started

To order a knife simply send an email to [email protected] Unfortunately, we have a waiting list for custom knives that is roughly 4-6 months right now. We are working to fulfill these orders as fast as possible while maintaining our standard of quality. All knives come with free sharpening for life and are guaranteed save for normal wear and tear.

Your Choices

There’s lots to choose from and you can select all or some of the below choices. You are invited to schedule a time and day to come by our shop and select your materials in person or we can do everything via email, phone and snail mail. Some customers simply say, “Just make me a beautiful knife.” And we do.


American made steel.

We can use any type of steel you’d like, but our base steel is S35VN. This is a truly amazing American super steel.


Wood, bone, acrylic and more.

We keep many choices of wood and other materials on hand to choose from or you can provide your own.


Red, black, white, orange, blue, yellow.

We use colorful G10 and vulcanized fiber to compliment your handle material. We’ll provide an example of this.


Solid, mosaic, hollow and more.

We use the finest handmade mosaic pins that come in an assortment of designs. Choose brass, copper, stainless and more.


Stainless, nickel silver or ?

Choose your bolster material from stainless, brass, copper, horn or other material. We’ll help you decide if you’d like.

Hand size

Everyone's hand is different.

We do a series of hand measurements and create a clay mold of the way you hold a knife to ensure it fits. Perfectly.


Custom Chef Knife

Our base price for a chef knife is $500.

Other types of knives.

We make custom boning, santoku, nakiri, slicing, utility, paring, filet, camp, hunting and more. Custom paring knives or steak knives start at $225 and custom utility knives start at $295. Other knives depend on length and materials.

Custom Hunting Knives

We do take custom orders on hunting knives within reason. We don’t make fantasy knives, movie knives, etc. We make traditional, working knives. These knives start at $400+. We outsource our leather sheath making and can have it done for you or will introduce you to one of our preferred leathersmiths.


All knives are built using S35VN American super steel. If you’d like a knife longer than 12″ overall we charge $25 each additional inch. We’ll add bolsters to a knife for $50 extra. We can also etch your name, company logo, etc into the blade for $50 more. Large knives come in a cloth zip case unless otherwise stated.

Deposit / Payment

We require a $100 non-refundable deposit on all knives. This allows us to buy your initial materials (steel, pins, wood) and set them aside in a work order. We require payment of finished project within 30 days. We do allow customers to pay off balance over the course of their wait. Balance must be paid in full before knife is delivered.

Some of the great companies we’ve worked with, supported or provided knives for.

I love the knife Travis made for me! He made it fit my hand perfectly and I plan to have the knife with me forever. -Jack Gilmore, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Austin, Texas