Not sure how many knife makers rehandle / refurbish old chef knives, but we do it here at Weige Knives. We don’t make a lot of money doing it, but we like the work. I don’t do many of them for myself unless we find really nice Forgecraft, Jackson Eagles, Kabar or maybe pre-1970’s Dexters. It’s even tougher to rehandle a knife when the construction is anything other than full tang. People contact us asking if we can rehandle a knife for them and it’s usually a chef who wants something different than cheap, black plastic or someone who has inherited their grandmother’s knife and wants to put it back into use. We finished rehandling the 3 knives in the photos below. The top one is a mother-in-law’s knife, the 2nd one is someone’s grandmother’s knife and the bottom one is a new knife that the customer wanted something nice instead of the black plastic handle it came with. We should have taken before photos, but we didn’t. Enjoy the “after” photos. Reach out to us if you’d like to have your knife rehandled.