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13 04, 2015

Weige Knives on Hilah Cooking

We filmed an episode w/ the infamous Hilah Johnson and her partner Christopher Sharpe of Hilah Cooking this week and were very excited to do so. Hilah is extremely witty and entertaining so her unique brand of cooking has inspired countless people to well... cook and her fans have followed. We filmed the episode in [...]

7 02, 2015

Custom knife made for a media company.

When I left my job in the media business @ LiveIntent my bosses were very cool about it. They actually scheduled a corporate event at my shop and had me create a custom knife for the company. I posted a photo from the corporate knife building event awhile back, but never got around to posting [...]

26 01, 2015

Weige Knives offers sharpening classes.

Weige Knives will be at the sold out Knife Skills class tomorrow at the Sustainable Food Center in e. Austin showing the class how to properly sharpen your knives in the home. We'll also be sharpening knives for a small fee. While this class is sold out you can sign up for future classes by [...]

19 11, 2014

LiveIntent at Weige Knives in Austin, TX

LiveIntent visited Weige Knives in Austin, TX yesterday as we're making them a custom kitchen knife. Not sure what they'll do with the knife. Frame it, use in the NYC office or give it to one of the Execs. The knife is in their orange and blue colors and we're even putting the LiveIntent logo [...]